flight academy

for adults

BOUNCE Voksen Academy er et mix af vores Flight og Parkour Academy.
Det er et hold, hvor vi tilpasser træningen til dine individuelle ønsker og mål.

Kurser for nybegyndere eller erfaren. Uanset om du vil lære at udføre din første salto eller sætte dobbeltsalto og twists på din skill liste – er BOUNCE Voksen Academy noget for dig. Du bestemmer selv udgangspunktet for din træning. Vi opmuntrer og udfordrer dig på alle niveauer og igennem alle faser.


Sign-up is mandatory for all participants.
Only possible to sign-up 1 participant pr. email.

28th of March

29th of March

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adult academy



8 uger – 1 hour*
Max 15 per course
One pair of Bounce socks
Course is for beginner to advanced
Free admission monday-friday

questions & answers

  1. <p>Flight Academy is a course, where you will learn different exercises, tricks and combinations on our trampoline.</p>
  2. <p>You can be all ages between 16 and 100 years old.</p>
  3. <p>You will learn everything from jumping safely to advanced tricks. The course is for beginners to skilled and we will tailor the practice to your wishes and needs. </p>
  4. <p>You pay as soon as you book online. If you book through Customer Service, you will receive a paymentlink on email that is useable within 23 hours.</p>
  5. <p>You can book via our website or by calling Customer Service at: 78 700 900.<br>On our website you can subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news about our classes. Subscribing to our newsletter does not constitute as a booking, this is merely a way to receive information about upcoming classes.</p>
  6. <p>Cancellations can be done 14 days before classes begin, at the very latest in order to receive a refund. To do this, please get in touch with our Customer Service center. If you cancel after 14 days before classes begin, we are unable to offer a refund if you have already paid for your class.</p>
  7. <p>If a cancellation occurs within two weeks before classes begin, up until classes start, you have the possibility to change your mind and receive a refund in the form of a gift card that you can use for future bookings at BOUNCE.</p>
  8. <p>If you happen to miss a class, you have the opportunity to partake in a extra course. Customer Service will give more information on this subject closer to the end of the 8 week course.</p>
  9. <p>As a student of any of our Academies at BOUNCE, you jump for free from monday-friday during the 8 week course. This is only via drop-in and cannot be prebooked. Exceptions may occur are during holiday, or special events.</p>
  10. <p>Comfortable clothing that provides mobility, like sports clothes. We advise you to bring spare clothes, since we have both changing rooms and showers for you to use.</p>


When you book at BOUNCE, you accept our terms and conditions, including that your reservation is non-refundable. Discounted tickets, offers and campaigns cannot be combined. The reservation is paid in advance via website immediately or via paymentlink within 23 hours, with one credit card. If the paymentlink expires, the reservation will be automatically canceled. We cannot ensure the course and time will be available to rebook. This reservation cannot be paid with giftcard or cash. We take proviso on courses not created, caused by a lack of enrollment. Therefore changes in times and dates for the booking, may occur in counsel with you. 

BOUNCE socks are obligatory on all trampolines. One pair of BOUNCE socks is incl. in this booking. BOUNCE does not allow external catering, except for guests with allergies or special dietary needs, that we cannot accommodate. In these situations, you can bring your own food for the guest in question. OBS: All exceptions must be decided in counsel with BOUNCE INC, staff and terms.