Our Flight Academy coaching program is designed for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner learning techniques and trying to land your first front sault, or an advanced jumper trying to master those doubles, twists and layouts- BOUNCE Flight Academy is for you! You decide yourself what you want out of the classes. On all elvels we will encourage and challenge you to do the best you can. Further down, you can read all about the different levels, what to expect and general information about Flight Academy.

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The foundation of our trampoline classes is having the right technique! Having the correct technique is an important factor for improvement and raising your skill level in a safe and methodical way. This is why every time we meet, we go through warmups, technique training and routine training.

Trampolining is a sport for individuals. Because of this, you as a participant will receive individual coaching to match your needs to learn and challenge yourself at your own pace. The classes are 1 hour in total and consist of a maximum of 15 participants per group. All programs are 8 weeks long.

In order to guarantee your safety, it is required that all participants be over 110 cm (this is our only absolute requirement).


Kr.1400 PER TERM
  • 8 weeks per 1 hour*
  • Max 15 in a group
  • Levels from beginner to advanced
  • A pair of BOUNCE-socks
  • Free admission on weekdays


All courses lasts 8 weeks, starting in week 43. Price: 1.400 kr.


17.00 – 18.00 Flight Academy Level 1

18.00 – 19.00 Flight Academy Level 2

NEW! 19.00 – 20.00 Flight Academy Level 3


17.00 – 18.00 Flight Academy Level 1

18.00 – 19.00 Flight Academy Level 2


17.00 – 18.00 Flight Academy Level 1

18.00 – 19.00 Flight Academy Level 2

NEW! 19.00 – 20.00 Flight Academy Level 3


Everyone learns at their own pace. Sometimes your flips are easier to conquer than your saults and vice versa. Because of this, we’ve made a rough guide to the different levels of Flight Academy. These can be customized based on the groups overall skill level.

  1. Recommended for those who have just started their journey to learn tricks and are beginners to trampolining. In our beginners course, everyone will learn the basics to jumping on a trampoline as well as jumping safely. You will learn how to land safely, basic exercises, and all the fundamentals you need to take on more advanced tricks and combos! We will be going through the basics of wall running and give you the possibility to explore all of BOUNCE activity stations. Some exercises you will learn are: bump drops, belly bounce, back bounce, and more! In all our classes, we focus a lot on team spirit, team unity and that everyone feels like a member of the BOUNCE Tribe!

  2. Recommended for previous BOUNCE Flight Academy alumni or those with previous experience in other forms of trampolining (e.g. those with trampolines at home). Level 2 of Flight Academy helps our students learn more about techniques and exercises that leads to more advanced tricks. This is where we set the foundation for somersaults. Level 2 also includes more combinations and exercises. Some example of these exercises are: safe ways to land on your back and belly after doing a twist, small flips on our trampolines as well as more advanced exercises. Level 2 also includes wall running lessons! In all our classes, we focus a lot on team spirit, team unity and that everyone feels like a member of the BOUNCE Tribe!

  3. Recommended for those who have attended multiple seasons of BOUNCE Flight Academy and have control over their basic exercises and feel comfortable with combos. Flight Academy level 2 provides students the opportunity to learn advanced combos that are common in competitive settings. For safety reasons, students should be able to execute more advanced tricks on our trampolines and be familiar with previous techniques and exercises. Some example of said advanced tricks: ¾ front flip, back flip from a back drop and twists. Front and backflips serve as the foundation to learn more complicated twists and flips. Level 3 is also the ideal class to help students polish their existing skills and land more complicated tricks while wall running such as a half twist from the back and dropping from higher altitudes. In all our classes, we focus a lot on team spirit, team unity and that everyone feels like a member of the BOUNCE Tribe!

  4. Level 4 of BOUNCE Academy is our most advanced class and requires participants to have graduated from Level 3, along with having excellent control and trampolin experience. Level 4 helps students use their flips in combinations to scale and perform tricks that are on the same calibre as those performed at competitions. Example of exercises in level 4 includes: combining flips, screws, and other tricks into one combination.

    This class is not offered yet!

  1. Flight Academy is a course where you learn different exercises, tricks and combinations on our trampolines.

  2. We have different age groups for the different classes we offer. We have classes for all ages including children, teenagers and adults. To participate in Flight Academy, you need to be at least 110cm tall.

  3. Classes for adults will be included in the schedule above. This schedule is updated before the start of the season. We also offer the alternative of private classes for various ages (minimum 3 years old)

  4. Unfortunately we don’t have any classes that mixes adults and children, but we do offer private lessons you can both attend together, with a private instructor.

  5. You will learn everything from how to jump safely to more advanced flips and tricks on trampolines. The different levels is a way for you to measure your progress and further your skill every season. You can download the syllabus for all classes here

  6. Our seasons are 8 weeks, with breaks during holidays.

  7. You pay as soon as you book, which can be through our website or a payment link that is sent to your email.

  8. You can book via our website or by calling us at 78 700 900.
    On our website you can subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news about our classes. Subscribing to our newsletter does not constitute as a booking, this is merely a way to receive information about upcoming classes.

  9. Cancellations can be done 14 days before classes begin, at the very latest in order to receive a refund. To do this, please get in touch with our contact center, tell us you wish to cancel and you will be given a refund a few days after your call. If you cancel after 14 days before classes begin, we are unable to offer a refund if you have already paid for your class.

  10. If a cancellation occurs within two weeks before classes begin, up until classes start, you have the possibility to change your mind and receive a refund in the form of a gift card that you can use for future bookings at BOUNCE.

  11. If you become ill/sick we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible so we can let your instructor for the day know.
    If you happen to miss a class, you have the opportunity to partake in another group that fits your age and skill level, which is subject to availability. If you do not have the opportunity to partake in another group, you will receive a gift card filled with the cost of your missed class.

  12. If a participant is under 12 years old, the parent or guardian is responsible for drop off and pick up. If the participant is over 12 years old, they can come and go by themselves.

  13. Comfortable clothing that provides mobility, like sports clothes. We advise you to bring spare clothes, since we have both changing rooms and showers for you to use.

  14. As a student of any of our Academies at BOUNCE, you can come and jump for free on the weekdays. This is only via drop in and cannot be booked ahead of time. Exceptions are during holidays, weekends, or special events.

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