Action filled birthday parties at BOUNCE! A fun birthday is waiting for you in addition to the usual adrenaline-filled activities and high pace: everything from trampolines to Big Bag, Slam Dunk basketball and Dodgeball. Welcome to an unforgettable and active birthday party with your friends! As a parent you can just sit back and relax – BOUNCE takes care of everything!

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Most popular


Minus 30 kr. per child on weekdays
Minimum 2 years old

  • 1 hour jumping with host
  • Private party room for 40 minutes
  • Chicken sausage with bread, pizzaslices or hamburger with fries
  • Lemonade ad libitum when eating
  • Coffee for parents
  • BOUNCE-socks
  • Bounce present for the birthday child


  1. <p>Pizzaslices: 215 kr</p><p>Hamburger with fries: 215 kr</p><p>Hamburger with veggiecup: 215 kr</p><p>Sausage with bread: 195 kr</p><p>NB: 30 kr less on weekdays!</p>
  2. <p>Ice cream cake: +30 kr</p><p>Brown: +20 kr</p><p>Ice lolly: +10 kr</p>
  3. <p>Candybag: +18 kr</p><p>Party kit: +40 kr.</p><p>(2-for-1 tickets for all, stickers, wristbands, candy bag)</p><p>BOUNCE T-shirt: 80 kr. per child</p><p>Cookie for the parents: +15 kr.</p><p>1 extra hour of unhosted jumping: +85 kr.</p>




  • 1 hour jumping without host
  • Sausage with bread in the café
  • Lemonade ad libitum when eating
  • Coffee for parents
  • BOUNCE-socks


  1. <p>Sausage with bread: 155 kr</p>
  2. <p>Ice lolly: +10 kr</p>
  3. <p>Candybag: +18 kr</p><p>Cookie for the parents: +15 kr</p><p>1 extra hour of unhosted jumping: +85 kr.</p>

If you wish to book an extra jumping hour, it must be booked by our Costumer Service.
By booking an extra jumping hour the jumping hours will be in extension of each other.
Your host will join you in the first hour and the second hour will be without a host.
After jumping for two hours, your chosen menu will be served by the host in your private partyroom.


Are you concerned if the children do not like the menu? Don’t you worry! Our birthday food is made here, and designed to make even the most choosey kids happy. Our birthday menu contains fresh fast-food without unnecessary additives, but you can also choose healthier options, like vegetable sticks instead of french fries.




Less fun but equally important

Your birthday is our most fun task. For your guests to have the coolest day, it is important that you read through our general terms and conditions:

  • The minimum number of guests for a birthday party is 10 persons. (except: Bounce N’Go, where the minimum number is 6 people).
  • All participants must be at least 2 years old.
  • Remember to book for the same number of guests that you have invited as we can only add additional participants to the extent possible.
  • You can reduce the number of guests with a max of 5 persons no later than 7 days before a birthday party.
  • We charge 50% of the price at the time of booking that we consider the deposit.
  • Remaining payment and confirmation of total participants must be made no later than 7 days before the day of the birthday party.
  • Allergies and dietary preferences must be notified to us no later than 7 days before the birthday party.
  • The party room for the birthday party is available for the last 40 minutes of the party and is not available during the jumping hours.
  • Lost or stolen clothes / shoes / bags / valuables are not replaced.

Questions? See answers to our most common questions here.

  1. We recommend that you book for the maximum number of possible arrivals. This is because you have the opportunity to remove up to 5 participants no later than 7 days before, without exceeding our minimum limit of 10. You can also add participants to the extent of possibilities.

  2. Well, it depends. We can arrange maximum three parties per hour and one party count as up to 20 participants. If there are less than two parties booked at the same time as your booking, we can book for more than 20 person on your party. But if there are already two parties at the same time as the time you selected, then the maximum limit is 20 person.

  3. We have a minimum limit of 10 person on Birthday Party and VIP-Party. BOUNCE N’GO has a minimum limit of six person. Of course, you can be fewer but we still have to take payment for ten or six participants.

  4. Of course! It always include a gift box for the birthday child, and if there are more than one birthday child then we can add more gift boxes at cost.

  5. As a standard, only main course is included but you can choose dessert, candy bag and snacks as an option. See all the prices above.

  6. Upto seven days before you can change the total number of participants, report allergies and remove or add anything in the reservation.

  7. Sit back and relax. Upto seven days before you change the day. If a birthday child gets sick, we can, however, make exceptions if you provide a medical certificate.

  8. We book our hosts and order all food one week before the birthday party and therefore, unfortunately, we can not add or remove participants at the same day of birthday party.

  9. Yes, why not? We keep your cake in the fridge and serve it when it’s time. For this, we charge 10kr as a service charge.