School groups

– Let BOUNCE be your next field trip! We have adventure and activities for everyone in your class!

We are specialist when it comes to organizing group activities that makes everyone feel included. Regardless if its the students sitting in the back of the class room or the front row kids, or even those inbetweens. We organize school events such as “Blå Mandag”, but we can also assist in planning activities for the end of the term or give your class the coolest gym class ever!


— We organize events for up to 100 students at once.

We have a set plan which includes one or two hours of jumping, but you can also chime in and let us customize a unique experience based on your needs. Do you just want to jump on our awesome trampolines? We can make that happen! Do you want activities focused on team building and leadership?
We’ve got you covered!

Bounce socks are mandatory to wear while jumping on our trampolines.
If you book without socks, and are missing socks upon arrival, reception will charge 20 kr. pcs.
All prices includes 1 cup of coffee / tea for supervisor.







School group offers have to be booked in advance via our Customer Service.
Phone: 78 700 900


IN GENERAL: When you book at BOUNCE, you accept our terms and conditions, including that your booking is non-refundable. Discounted tickets, offers and campaigns cannot be combined. Payment must be done by invoice, with EAN number or at reception upon arrival. At reception it is possible to pay with cash and/or one credit card. If you wish to change your payment method after booking, it must be informed by telephone to Customer Service during their opening hours, at least 1 day before your visit. You can reduce the number of jumpers by max. 5 persons per 20 jumpers. Increasing the number of guests in your booking, is depending on availability and staff at the date and time in question. The booking is only valid for the time period stated in this confirmation. The booking can be rescheduled once only. We take proviso for fully booked jumping hours and changes in opening hours. Cancellation must be done no later than 7 days before your visit. 

BOUNCE socks are obligatory on all trampolines. BOUNCE does not allow external catering, except for guests with allergies or special dietary needs, that vi can not accommodate. In these situations, you can bring your own food for the guests in question. OBS: All exceptions must be decided in counsel with BOUNCE INC, staff and terms.

BOOKING WITHOUT HOST / WITHOUT CATERING: You may reduce or increase the number of guests according to our terms and conditions, 1 day before your visit at the latest. The booking is payable upon arrival in reception and can be paid with cash and/or one credit card. Or by forwarded invoice or with EAN No. in agreement with BOUNCE INC.

BOOKING WITH HOST / WITH CATERING: 7 days before your visit, you have to contact BOUNCE to make changes and confirm your booking, in accordance with our terms and conditions. 6 days prior to your visit, the booking is fixed and can only be altered in counsel with BOUNCE INC, staff and conditions. The booking is payable on arrival at reception and can be paid by cash and/or one credit card. Or by forwarded invoice or with EAN No. in agreement with BOUNCE INC.

School discount is not obtainable for privat parenting groups.

Want to know more?

Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. If you have certain questions regarding your event you can also call us on 78 700 900.