The Wall

perfect for freestyling trics or wall running

The Wall combines high Performance trampolines with vertical walls of various heights for freestyle tricks and wall running.

This area is like a skate park made out of trampolines. The Wall is definitely one of the coolest parts about BOUNCE. Check out the video below to get an idea on what we’re talking about.

You need to experience Wall Running to believe how much fun and addictive it is. Like most of the best ideas it’s a super simple concept – use the bounce and rebound properties of Performance Trampolines to run up walls.

Wall running – an all new artform, now commonly known in the freerunning community – was pioneered by the Cirque Du Soleil and takes a few tries to master, but once you get it, it’s pure awesomeness every time.
Come and have a crack at the next frontier!